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Unlike the actual situation from the traditional cradles of Bosnian Sufism making use of aged dervish lodges inside the american elements of key Bosnia

Unlike the actual situation from the traditional cradles of Bosnian Sufism making use of aged dervish lodges inside the american elements of key Bosnia


KariA‡i mosque from inside the central Bosnian highlands, when the annual three-day pilgrimage commemorating Hajdar-dedo KariA‡a€”an very early messenger of Islam in Bosnia, a dervish sheikh, and someone of God (evlija)a€”takes environment. Shot by David Henig, 2009.

Even though Yugoslav communist program oppressed and practiced prevalent control of various religious symptoms and parties, they decided not to exclude the KariA‡i pilgrimage, that’s probably impressive as the pilgrimage offers historically been recently well attended ( MulahaliloviA‡ 1989 :192a€“196). In 1993, throughout the Bosnian battle (1992a€“95) a Yugoslav domestic military tank drove through old wood mosque. The surface was at the amount of time scarcely obtainable, as there had been many landmines spread out in the ground around the pilgrimage internet site, thus regional Muslims temporarily prepared the yearly collecting in a close-by provincial location mosque. After the combat, the surroundings was actually gradually de-mined. The solid wood mosque had been rebuilt in 2002 as well pilgrimage totally rejuvenate.

Although its recovery would be begun by several neighborhood interested Muslims, the bbwdesire dating mosque while the terrain it sits in include formally held and entry to these people are controlled by the state-approved Islamic Community (Islamska Zajednica). The Islamic society can also be accountable for planning the annual KariA‡i pilgrimage. The pilgrimage happen to the end of July. The go out was mentioned based on the aged Julian calendar because the 11th Tuesday after Jurjevdan (that is,., St. George’s week, might 6). The pilgrimage begins by week’s noon prayer and lasts until the Sunday midday prayer. Merely male Muslims are allowed to sign up for at KariA‡i.

The pilgrimage acquiring generally entails reciting of complete Qua€™ran (hatma dove), vocal tunes revering Allah (ilahija), also shows like the performance of mevlud passages inside Turkish and Bosnian, tevhid for Ottoman along with Bosnian martyrs (A?ehide), and cumulative devotional and cheerful prayer, kijam zikr (Arabic, qiyam dhikr). 2 The kijam zikr is carried out by dervishes and encouraged by a dervish sheikh. More pilgrims frequently observe than indulge in this particular type of prayer, as dervishes has over the years started conceived of ambiguously and were deemed as the Islamic a€?other withina€? during the previous Yugoslavia ( Bringa 1995 :221; Duijzings 2000 :107). But the devotional prayer inside pilgrimage has also been done during socialist periods. This really probably appreciable, since, for the 1950s, the Islamic society, aided by the Yugoslav state’s help and support, banned all dervish instructions in Bosnia-Herzegovina to become a€?devoid of social valuea€? ( Algar 1971 :196). 3

Unlike the fact of this typical cradles of Bosnian Sufism their previous dervish lodges into the western components of main Bosnia (cf. Algar 1971 ; A?ehajiA‡ 1986 ; MiA?ijeviA‡ 1997 ), the continuity of dervish ordering was actually cut through the north section. Therefore, KariA‡i has become openly delivered and comprehended for a long time solely as a place of Muslim annual pilgrimage. However, through the later part of the 1980s, a dervish group of the Rifaa€™i arrange, which I in addition have studied, was actually established in the region. 4 within the locate reliability and renovation of Sufi training (tesavuf) in your community, the club entwined their recognition making use of the old figure of Hajdar-dedo KariA‡. While the dervish cluster right now tracks the identity through its sheikh’s a€?spiritual lineagea€?(silsila) to Kosovo, the dervishes see KariA‡i their religious cradle, and so they get pregnant of Hajdar-dedo KariA‡ due to the fact messenger of Sufism in the region and their spiritual forefather.


The Ajvatovica pilgrimage plays a substantial role into the approaches village Muslims from your main Bosnian highlands reflect on the transformation of sacred scenery a€?after socialism.a€? In narratives and laid-back shows, your community contacts often juxtaposed KariA‡i and so the Ajvatovica pilgrimages. But almost all of them haven’t ever pilgrimed to Ajvatovica.

The Ajvatovica pilgrimage, near to the community of Prusac, boasts legends comparable to the ones from the KariA‡i internet site, dating back to the 17th hundred years and regarding another popular messenger of Islam, effendi (and possibly dervish sheikh) Ajvaz-dedo. The legends claim that Ajvaz-dedo am a pal of Jesus (evlija). As he involved Prusac, there clearly was no the proper water-supply inside community. There were only a spring on the village, nevertheless it got plugged by a rock. Ajvaz-dedo invested 40 times praying to Allah, basically the 40th week this individual dreamed about two light rams colliding. When he woke up, the stone experienced broken in half. Local villagers bet this as magic (keramet) and blessing (bereket), and, since that time, have actually pilgrimed to the location where in actuality the stone split.

Unlike the KariA‡i pilgrimage, the Ajvatovica is technically blocked while in the socialist duration, in 1947 (cf. MulahaliloviA‡ 1989 :192a€“196), and was revitalized only near 1990, commonly by the engagement associated with the Islamic Community; various media, for example Islamic weekly publication Preporod; as well as the Stranka Demokratske Akcije (SDA; Party of Democratic Action), led at the same time by Alija IzetbegoviA‡. The region where in fact the Ajvatovica pilgrimage site can be found was organized and defended during conflict from Bosnian military, and, thus, through general public rhetoric, obtained the type of a holy land, showing the continuity of a threatened Muslim people and its own national culture (cf. Rujanac in push ).

It immediately got clear in my opinion that the form the Ajvatovica pilgrimage is definitely orchestrated today has an enormous character in Bosnian Muslim nationwide public government, as reigned over from Islamic society, and in addition calculating plainly in hometown talks. Ajvatovica is definitely delivered because of the Islamic Community due to the fact biggest yearly Muslim get together in European countries, one with extended continuity, in spite of the executive ban implemented in 1947. As they are orchestrated and choreographed, a€?The times of Ajvatovicaa€? (Dani Ajvatovice) uncover as an assemblage of religious pilgrimage, political getting, and friendly celebration composed of several parties, gigs, and lessons which are widely marketed and presented by way of the Islamic area through most billboards. The Ajvatovica pilgrimage happens to be introduced, to paraphrase several hometown information, as a a€?manifestation of customs and lasting continuity of Bosniak [Muslim] name and culturea€? and as the a€?largest Muslim meeting in Europea€? (for example, determine 2010 ). Moreover, inside my fieldwork, I happened to be continuously told that Ajvatovica was once an all-male event, although after 1990 it had been publicly marketed into the nationalized rhetoric as a gathering for every Muslims. Put simply, the Ajvatovica pilgrimage would be reorchestrated and instrumentalized in Bosniak political discourse as a fertile image in post-Yugoslav public discussions on combined Bosnian Muslim name and in Bosniaksa€™ search for reliability as an independent post-Yugoslav us (nacija).

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